Beyond the Storm Certified Anger Management

Anger Management Classes 6:15pm – 8:15pm
Women’s 52wk – Main Sanctuary
Women’s 12wk/26wk – Room #121
Men’s 2 wk / 26wk – Main Sanctuary
Men’s 52wk – Fellowship Hall

12 WEEK COURSE – $40.00

26 WEEK COURSE – $55.00

52 WEEK COURSE – $80.00

52 WEEK (DV) COURSE – $90.00

“Perpetrator and Victims”

Note: (every assessment there will be $15.00 fee)

Beyond the Storm is a certified faith-based course on anger management. This course has been designed to develop self awareness and self-management through understanding and managing anger, underlying causes and emotions as well as applying coping skills, healthy behavior and correcting thinking. The most important goals have been to apply biblical principles and focus on the power of Christ to change your life.

Chronic anger can be costly – physically, emotionally, and relationally. Therefore, the main goal of this course is to promote a healthier life free from the destructive control of anger. This course will take a fresh look at anger and explore how this emotion – usually viewed as negative – can be helpful and be turned into assertiveness, conflict resolution, faith, problem solving, empathy and forgiveness. This is more than just a class.
This is a place where hearts and lives are transformed and relationships are built.
This course truly takes lives “Beyond the Storm”

Lesson 1: Anger: friend or foe? Introduction to the problem and types of anger.
Goal: To define anger and how it affects people and relationships. To begin to explore triggers for anger and Biblical teaching about anger.

Lesson 2: The process of anger – its triggers.
Goal: What is really happening to me? Identify the process of anger, how anger can be helpful and how it is harmful. Normalize anger and identify triggers provoking anger.

Lesson 3: What is good about anger.
Goal: To learn how anger can be expressed in healthy ways and how God can use it for His purposes.

Lesson 4: The role of faith in managing anger.
Goal: To learn how God and faith can help people better manage anger.

Lesson 5: Handling anger Biblically (part 1)
Goal: To learn how to express anger and frustration through healthy communication and problem-solving skills.

Lesson 6: Handling anger Biblically (part 2)
Goal: To identify ways of expressing anger and frustration through the use of problem-solving skills.

Lesson 7: How thinking affects anger. Changing self-talk and renewing our minds according to Scripture.
Goal: Determine how thinking can escalate angry feelings and behavior. Investigate how to change thinking that is distorted and unscriptural.

Lesson 8: Relief from anger through forgiveness and grace.
Goal: To learn that forgiveness is possible and is a vital aspect of bringing the process of anger to a conclusion. To identify someone in your life with whom you need to forgive.

Lesson 9: Taking a time-out.
Goal: To explore how to apply strategies such as a time-out for managing and defusing anger.

Lesson 10: Changing your thinking and trusting God.
Goal: Assess which strategies you are applying to help de-escalate your anger and frustration. Explore how God, Scripture, renewing your mind and applying faith can change your life.

Lesson 11: Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.
Goal: To learn the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy. Identifying our ability to empathize with others.

Lesson 12: Building successful relationships.
Goal: Identify ways to build healthy relationships through empathy skills and supportive communication and thus, defuse conflict and anger.