One Step to Freedom- Drug and Alcohol

**Court Certified Drug & Alcohol class: Given BY A LICENSED COUNSELOR

One Step is a 12/26/52 week comprehensive, skill building program designed to teach advanced drug and alcohol awareness of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

One Step to Freedom uses Solid Biblical principles that aid in recovery and abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse. Successful completion of this course is determined by the number of classes attended by the student and by the student’s successful completion of the course workbook.

The lessons found in the curriculum form the basis of a program that, with proper oversight, can qualify as acceptable to a court of law, for use with persons the court places on probation after they have been found guilty of a drug or alcohol-related offense. It must be understood by all that such a program is a religion- based program and that Christian principles are taught.

The duration of each class is two hours long, which is divided into two parts. Part one, consists of forty five minutes of “Life Skills” class which strengthens the personal development of each client as an individual, followed by Part Two, which consists of one hour fifteen minutes of intensive drug awareness curriculum . The client can then draw upon every resource to manage their life more effectively and productively and experience FREEDOM from addiction.

24 Weeks Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Planning for Victory (4 Weeks)

Wk.1 Making a Plan for Victory, Is Alcoholism a Disease. Wk.2 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse is Sin. Wk.3 The Cycle of Sin / Accountability for Recovery. Wk.4 Daily Devotions Parts 1 & 2

Goal: To look at your lifestyle make the necessary changes with God’s power. Work closely with your drug and alcohol recovery counselor. Grow in the Lord daily. Find out if alcoholism is a disease and to learn how to set up accountability for recovery.

Chapter 2 Initial Recovery (3 Weeks)

Wk.5 Man’s Condition and God’s Remedy, Parts 1&2, Wk.6 What God Has to Say About Drugs and Alcohol / Putting off the Negative and Putting on the Positive. Wk.7 God Loves You.

Goal: To find out what is the underlying problem of man and the remedy. The universal need of man. Learning to put off the negative behavior, thoughts and feelings and put on the positive ones.

Chapter 3: Trails & Temptations (4 Weeks)

Wk.8 Victory through Obedience Parts 1&2, Wk.9 Doers of the Word Parts 1&2 Wk.10 Faith Revealed in Works / Taming the Tongue and Envy Wk.11 Pride and Humility / Perseverance and Prayer.

Goal: These lesson will help the student learn what it means to stay committed to the new ways of life they are being taught through obedience and to really walk the walk of sobriety through humility, perseverance and prayer.

Chapter 4: Forgiveness (2 Weeks)

Wk. 12 Salvation and Forgiveness / Our Confession. Wk.13 Turning Away From Sin / Forgiving Others.

Goal : Learning that we have been forgiven and the we need to forgive. Admitting that we are wrong and have a problem helps us to forgive others who have wronged us. These lessons will help the Student to live free of guilt shame and hatred that destroys and persons inner self.

Chapter 5: Spitural Warfare (3 Weeks)

Wk. 14 What is Spiritual Warfare & Tactics of the Enemy. Wk.15 The Armor of God Pt. 1&2 WK.16 Vulnerabilities & Sharing Our Faith

Goal: Things are not always going to be perfect these lessons will teach the student how to respond in those times and equip them for the battles of life.

Chapter 6: The Fruits of the Spirit (4 Weeks)

Wk 17 Love and Joy Wk.18 Peace and Patience Wk.19 Kindness and Goodness Wk.20 Gentleness and Self– Control

Goal: The students goal in these lessons are to learn a new way of being and acting in ways that promote decency and excellence in their life for the benefit of themselves and others.

Lesson 7: God’s Faithfulness (4 Weeks) –

Wk.21 Temptation. Wk.22 Excuses Wk.23 The Word of God / Building One Another Up Wk.24 God is our Strength / I can do all things through Christ

Goal: The goal of this class is to learn your triggers and your temptation, in order that you will not fall back into old behavior. Students in this class will also learn to rely on the strength of God and not their own. Students will leave with a new goals and empowered to live a new life with Christ at the center of all they do.


12 WEEK COURSE – $40.00

26 WEEK COURSE – $55.00

52 WEEK COURSE – $80.00

52 WEEK (DV) COURSE – $90.00

“Perpetrator and Victims”

Note: (every assessment there will be $15.00 fee)